Prosolve Project renovation

Prosolve Project renovation

About the project

The renovation project is part of the same PROSOLVE’ project, where the historical building is preserved but upgraded to nowadays standards.

Goal & Demands

The first and second floor is just restored and not STRUCTURAL changed.
No additional ventilation system besides wetroom is added. Access to the new construction from inside the building is created. A new staircase is added to Ground Floor and floors are changed on new Levels. The terrain movement and time have affected the structural connections that hold in place the building.


The access to the building and the roof structure is changed. The C2C principle of renovation is used, where the materials found are reused for interior static furniture. The building has 4 floors and 2 bathrooms that are distributed to each floor. The function of the rooms is assigned by the town hall in the best interest of the community. The roof structure is also changed. The plasters from the historical building are removed so the brick is shown.


Through rigorous DESIGN, several detailed solutions are offered. The connection between the historical building and the new construction is possible due to the upgraded old building, where the change of internal floors is prior.
The historical building is upgraded with new EASI JOISTS floors. The floor from the new building is supported with an IPE 160 BEAM transferring the weight perpendicular to IPE 240 BEAM. The cold bridge is resolved with the exterior suspended ceiling. The cavity inside is filled with paper
insulation for fire and acoustic resistance.

Project details

  • Category: Renovation
  • Tag:  Renovation; Historical building; Upgrade
  • Size : 3200m²
  • Location: Romania

Technical drawings

New attached construction-Prosolve Project
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