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Mihai Adrian Alupului


Welcome to MA arkitektur

MAark stands for customised arkitektur mark under me, Mihai Adrian Alupului.

What architecture means for me and where I stand?

Architecture is a passion, a vocation, a calling, as well a reflection of ourselves in a certain space. As technical art is the built realization of a particular idea or concept. It can be about people, about construction, about the environment and has the ability to improve health, affect the way we relate to each other, support communities, and in general to create a better space.


With a background in architecture and with a danish Bachelor in Architectural Technology and Construction Management- specialization: architecture, I stand between the architect and the “bygningskonstruktør”.
I have a big passion for sustainability and I am really interested in modern ways of visualization methods such as renderings,  virtual and augmented reality.

As a full package, I create value that goes beyond my drawing and design skills, by connecting architecture and building construction. I easily balance aesthetics, sustainability, functionality, and structure promoting safety and efficiency, resulting in fast results that are tailored to people, environment, cost-effectiveness, and high quality.

Having an understanding of seeing the big picture in any project right from the start, I quickly outline and visualize ideas and solutions on paper. Visualizations that I bring in Revit for making the project buildable and assuring that the building will be up to danish building codes and even more.

This website came to life due to a need of drawing a line between and around the architect, the building constructor (architect technologist and construction manager), and my passion for sustainability. A place where I bring attention to my work.

I Do 

For more details OPEN-Categories.


Renovations and New-Constructions


  • Concept & sketches
  • Interior design
  • Exterior design
  • Landscape analysis
architectural sketch and render
drawing table
different architectural sketches

Building construction/Revit

I am using Revit as the main power engine to create the 3D model and all the components, plans, details, and buildings information. Everything is designed and build according to Danish building regulations.

Building Design

  • Details
  • Elevations
  • Plans
  • Sections
  • Building components analysis
  • U-value calculation
  • Production drawings

Building Planning and Management

  • Building site plan
  • Project planning
  • Quanity sheet
  • Construction cost
  • Finishes completitions
  • LCC

Building Services

  • Air amount calculations
  • Pipe calculations
  • U-value calculations
  • Sound analysis
  • Ventilation plans
  • Sewer/Water/heating plans

Visualization & VR/AR

Applying virtual reality technology to architectural design became a powerful marketing tool. It helps the construction industry present ideas through 3D visualization, virtual and augmented reality.


Visualizations in 3D and 2D

Still, images continue to be the most important element in the presentation of construction projects. It is the most effective way to see how a house, product, project will look before is built in a realistic way. Real view photography – is another way of showing finished views by photographing with a drone.

  • 3D exterior visualizations
  • 3D interior visualizations
  • Project and product renderings

Virtual Reality & 360º Virtual tours

360°-views and VR let you open the door to apartments, office spaces– years before they are built. VR goggles can be used or the project can be navigated from a computer.

It creates an individual experience. The client can engage, explore and react to virtual space. Understanding the space with an accurate representation of how it will function in real life, VR helps fill in unknowns during the design process.

  • Full virtual reality simulations
  • 360° panoramas and 3D models of interiors
virtual and augumented reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality helps at viewing 2D plans as a 3d model from a phone or tablet. The model can be “placed” on a table or scaled to real-life proportions. AR has also the ability to quickly show different types of furniture and how they scale and look in a design project.

  • Interactive 3D-floor plans
  • 3D furniture showcase


I provide knowledge and consultancy about:

  • Sustainable development world goals
  • Cradle to cradle
  • Sustainable renovation solutions
  • Sustainable design
  • Passive houses
  • Sustainability and implementation into architectural practice


tool for implementation of sustainable world goals

Some Interisting Facts-AWARDS

My passion and ambition is materialised in 12.5 total years of studying architecture                   &             competitions  WON with 1st prise :

National competitions

International competitions

Years of studying architecture


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